Why I love mushrooms

Because they make you free.
Free of fabricated believe systems posed on you by civilization madness of every day.
Free of the thought that your quality of life depends on how well you fit into the game of social alignment and your reputation with those playing that game more successfully.

That is the reason why people are so afraid of psychedelics.
They don’t want to be free, because being free for once could make them realize how much they are trapped in their own little self constructed world.

I want to be free. But I can’t do it on my own, because my mind has been programmed by my perceptions of the society around me. All my life I’ve been subliminally taught what one should or should not do, what’s desirable, what’s the right path to a proper life. No one ever told me it was all a huge pile of shit.
That’s the real cancer. We are chasing the wrong ideals, brown-nosing our superiors that are even more fixated on their hunt for this ill defined success.

Mushrooms can help breaking down those mental structures to shake off the cognitive cage we all life in. In my own little believe system, getting rid of this mental obfuscation leads to the most blissful and profound state that any human being can ever experience.
It leads to the basic essence, the truth.

The truth has no meaning.
The truth yields no answers, because there are no questions.
The truth simply is.

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