(E)volution of Language

The world of computers has indeed taken many of our familiar, everyday words.

A DISC still refers to a round slice.
A WEB is created by connecting NODES.
BUGS can nibble on your belongings, VIRUSES infect you and spread.
You SHARE things you don’t own.
Also, people with ill intents use the NET for PHISHING.

You BOOT your computer to get it going and you SHUT it DOWN for some rest.
A LOAD is something brought from a different LOCATION.
Enabling you to find anything you can<(and can’t)> imagine on a SITE,
and STORE it onto your DRIVE.
Your PACKETS get delivered to your ADDRESS, ENTER their DEDICATED PORT
and are held AVAILABLE in MEMORY.
Anything can be SAVED for future ACCESS.

A ZIP holds your files together.
And people might get excited about the WALLPAPER on your DESKTOP,
but certainly not about your FLOPPY DEVICE.
A SERVER hands the things you ask for and an ICON can depict a lifestyle defining brand.

For transportation you use a BUS.
The TRAFFIC flows both ways, but no more than the ROUTE can CARRY.
The OPERATOR is still in charge,
even if you might feel the MACHINE is beyond your CONTROL.
You’re DEPENDENT on your PROVIDER, who knows almost everything about you.
You trust the LOCAL facilities of your HOST
and you certainly don’t want to mess up your MOTHERBOARD.

After all, not so much has changed.