Prude side effect

Explicit sexual intimacy is mostly expected to remain hidden and private in our love culture. While this secrecy is a necessity for cheating correctly, it also aids rapists and assailants in abusing their victims and getting away with it.

The unspoken assertion of indecency impedes proper education about good and respectful intercourse from the get-go. When porn is the only available external reference for what is acceptable, many victims tolerate varying degrees of the inappropriate, not knowing better.

And apart from spaces that invite open sexuality, privacy remains the only acceptable location for intercourse. You are forced to go on your own, regardless of how much you actually trust the person of your desire. When you are alone, nobody can help you.

This is truly convenient for all kinds of predators. For their success it is enough to emulate social conduct until absence of witnesses is reached.

Imagine the financial world like an ocean of money we’re all sailing on. Strangely enough all those boats swimming in that sea of liquidity are fueled by cash. Many captains spend their lives building on their ever extending massive Moloch of a ship trying to somehow make enough room for all the cash that’s flowing in so they wont sink. My own boat however I prefer to fuel with no more funds than are needed to steer around.

May you always do what you fear to do

~ Elliot Hulse

I sometimes make myself do things I’m afraid of. Is that making me do things I don’t want to do? Is thinking to want them or wanting them helping to overcome the fear? Is overcoming the fear making me think that I want them? How can I overcome the fear of doing things just for the sake of overcoming fears? How can I overcome the fear of not doing things to avoid doing them just for the sake of overcoming that fear? How can ^C<(stop right there!)>