Informative Dominion

The global community has come very far inoculating the general public with the latest and greatest offerings of the pharmaceutical conglomerate. Still not far enough to regain control in this ravaging health crisis, some say. However, the current degree of vaccine acceptance already is bolstered by a plethora of opinionated image campaigns and zealous suppression of dissenting voices.1

A significant domain of scientific inquiry has been banned from all major news outlets and social media platforms since the beginning of the pandemic. Justified concerns of reputable and respectable scientists were lumped together with ramblings of the irate to discredit and demonize them all alike.2 The sovereignty over which information is tolerable lies within the indistinct authoritative sources; and the platforms make liberal use of their domestic authority to cleanse their streams from content that could entail negative PR. There is no secrecy about this. On the contrary, the social media giants are proudly admitting to this censorship as a public service, in the name of safety.

Emergence of COVID vaccine discussions was met with the continuation of such policies aiding the promotion of vaccine acceptance. Reports and coverage of adverse reactions to vaccines and corresponding groups are routinely removed and indiscriminately generalized as politically motivated conspiracy myth propaganda. Similarly, the ‘get vaccinated’ posters and billboards that are abundantly plastered onto virtual and physical advertisement surfaces could hardly be more explicit about their bias and certainly do not encourage any degree of informed decision making.

The politically correct justification for this manipulation is minimization of harm to the public health. Maximizing shot acceptance becomes a honorable goal in the context of a favorable risk/benefit ratio for the new vaccines. So how much do we know about this ratio? With more than 3 Billion administered doses we now have a growing wealth of data on post-vaccine COVID infection and morbidity developments as well as case reports on a variety of life impacting complications that can occur. But that’s still a dizzying number of data points too look at. To get some easily comprehensible numbers for our ratio we need to zoom all the way out: For any one of the severe adverse reactions observed after vaccinations the authoritative sources usually report a chance of 2 to 9 in a Million. That’s only roundabout 0.0002%. In comparison, when aggregating all demographics, the global average chance to die from a contracted COVID infection seems to lie somewhere in between 0.1% and 0.5%.

In other words, this looks like getting the virus is easily a thousand times more likely to destroy you and your loved ones than getting the vaccine. So how could any reasonable person even make a fuzz about this?

Because first we can already say with fairly high certainty: the safety profile of COVID vaccines falls significantly behind that of other medicinal products. This conclusion is easily available to anyone who dares look at the magnitudes revealed in the data of open reporting systems.3 Insinuating that the vast majority of these reports should stem from an army of antivax conspiracy trolls would already set us down some pretty dangerous presumptuous trajectory. The widespread disregard of this drastic alert from what was designed to be an early warning system with the mere notion of lacking clinical validity is worrisome to say the least.

Secondly it is obvious that the above stated 0.5% death rate relation is a ridiculous oversimplification. The threat posed by the virus is highly age and health dependent and must be established on an individual basis for the sake of personal risk assessment. Meanwhile we have emerging scientific consensus that the naturally acquired immunity is superior to one induced by vaccination both in robustness and longevity. Therefore, justifying the vaccinate everyone approach requires some seriously resilient scientific validation of its overall benefit. This is contrary to the belief that criticizing the vaccination agenda is unsubstantial without mounting an undeniable proof of the inverse.

Thirdly and most important: The real and ultimate danger of these vaccines is their marketing as being without alternative.

The degree at which my closest friends are nowadays trying to influence me towards getting vaccinated is frankly alarming. I want to urge everyone to take a moment and consider if we feel alright with promoting a culture we subscribed to based on faith. And faith is the only thing we can have until we take a honest dive into the questionable success story currently being painted out in real world data. And I challenge you to draw your own conclusions from that data. But to support and promote a culture based on the belief that others will crunch the data for us and they will let us know, at this point in history is more than just irresponsible.

When even the uninitiated should have had some red flags raised is once we started discussing the vaccination of children despite already being able to predict that the costs may be severely higher than the benefits.

The harsh reality however is most of us so sick of this pandemic that we are ready to gulp down whatever solution is presented to us, no questions asked.

Are we ready to accept a new informational age where policing information has become integral to the solution of our health problem? Or are we still ready to contest the ideology of free information exchange. And if not, how can we trust that the choices we delegate to some higher up entity are driven by their philanthropic nature more than their need to increase profits?

Government agencies look systemically for patterns related to the vaccine, and when someone gets sick or dies shortly after the vaccine, this is investigated in a very serious fashion to ensure there is no link or inaccurate reporting.

~ abcNEWS

It is naturally disorienting to tell what the heck is going on in this first fully blown out information world war. Yet, a very dependable aid in constructing some plausible hypotheses always has been to follow the trails of money.

I believe that in the end everyone should decide for themselves whether the vaccine is right for them or not. But if someone should asks for my advice I will openly say that buying some Pfizer stocks is easily a safer bet than putting their product into your body.