Plea for the sane mind

It has been said a million times. It may take another billion times to achieve any kind of significant change. But it will be repeated and rephrased over and over again for all the closed minded people that keep swallowing and repeating the twisted insanity that has manifested all around us. If even a single one of those persons can be inspired to rethink these issues it was worth the effort.

Drugs are not a problem because they exist, but because they aren’t allowed to exist.<(Which is completely ridiculous, by the way.)>
I think that first and foremost everyone is responsible for themselves. No person, no authority or state or any kind of entity has the right to dictate and judge what you do, as long as – and this is the important part – you don’t pose any kind of negative influence on your environment.

Some argue that a drug addict harms the general public, because taking drugs prevents you from being a contributing part of society. They have it all backwards. In many social situations an addiction can be the very thing that enables people to remain a functional member of society. And based on my observations and life experience I think this holds true for the majority.

Nobody can tell you what is good or bad for you. Forget about it. I am convinced that you are in fact the only person that is able to find out what is best for you. To think that you can protect people from themselves by disallowing them to indulge in activities that you assume are not beneficial to them is so utterly fucking stupid that I honestly feel mentally disturbed to be part of a species where ideas like that can be sustained for such prolonged periods of time.

It is an unfathomable injustice that people addicted to the internet, social networks, games, porn, work, drugs that are not illegal or any other kind of tolerated dependency are accepted as proper members of society, while a person that requires heroin to deal with life is faced with criminal charges. Those persons generally tend to have had more than enough hardship in their lives as is already. If you constantly need to hide and run away from the very establishment that prosecutes you for the way you can actually cope with it, then ending in complete desolation and misery is the only logical result.

Some people tell me that I have a negative view of the world. I’d like to tell them, how the fuck can you uphold a positive view if there are things so evidently fucked up and so few people seem to care? These kind of problems don’t get solved by looking the other way. I like to believe that there actually is such a thing as constructive negativism.

I think that many aspects of this world get shaped by people that are addicted to power. Naturally they create a system that is beneficial to their needs. However, it most certainly is not the best way of life for everybody.

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